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"Nyree was very, very kind and supportive during the birth of Daniel. It felt for me like having my sister there." - Edda

Sage Femme are based in London and offer Private Midwifery services throughout the city.

By practising outside of the NHS we can guarantee one-to-one care which will ensure that you feel nurtured and special during your pregnancy and never just part of a large machine.

All the research shows that one-to-one care will increase your chance of a normal birth,

that your birth will be shorter and you will need less pain relief, you will have reduced chances of postnatal depression and are more likely to successfully breast-feed.

A Unique Journey
Your unique journey with Sage Femme includes Antenatal, Labour and Postnatal care that can be tailored for your individual needs during a free consultation.

We will listen to your hopes and expectations for your pregnancy and address any particular concerns you may have.

Our clinical practice is governed by the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) and our practice is individually assessed by a Midwifery Supervisor who regularly inspects our records and equipment and ensures we constantly update our knowledge and skills.

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