Save Independent Midwifery

It is with much sadness that I write about the threat to the profession that I love. I have been a midwife since 1995 and an Independent Midwife since 2006. I have got used to being an autonomous practitioner and working alongside my clients, helping them to fulfil their childbirth and early motherhood dreams. Although our practice is well regulated and we follow guidelines which insure our care results in safe outcomes, we can be far more flexible in the way the care is given than the NHS. Many women, understandably want to be fully involved in all the decisions surrounding their care and don’t want to simply be told what they must do. Working as an Independent Midwife means that I can give my clients time and individualised care, making them feel that their pregnancy is really important.

From the end of June 2020 myself and other Independent midwives will no longer have indemnity insurance to provide Labour care. Our insurance providers withdrew from the market and no workable alternative has been found since. Sage Femme, fortunately have a bank contract with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital which allows us to provide labour care for clients booked there, but they must live within the catchment area of the hospital. This sadly means that for the majority of clients seeking our services we are only able to provide antenatal and postnatal care.

This denies women the choice to choose their own midwife and develop a relationship with the person who will be with them when they have their baby. As a small group of professionals we are currently fundraising to start our own insurance product. Please go to the fundraising page to help us get this started so that we can continue to help women at one of the most crucial times in their lives.


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