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Every pregnancy is a unique journey

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About Sage Femme

Nyree Wright

Nyree's career started following General Nurse training and working as a Neonatal Nurse in a London Hospital. An interest in Midwifery led to further training and the start of a strong passion for her work. Although Nyree enjoyed her NHS career she wanted to focus more on the individual needs of women and their families. Because of this strong desire to provide more individualised, personal care she started in Independent practice. Sage Femme was born!

Nyree's nurturing manner and midwifery experience are the perfect combination for delivering truly woman-centred care.

She has given birth to five beautiful babies and experienced both good and bad maternity care. She uses these experiences as motivation to improve the care of her clients and to remember how vulnerable women can feel if their care is not holistic and compassionate.

Nyree has worked hard to ensure that clients have felt nurtured and listened to and the focus has been on enhancing experiences of maternity care so that they are positive even when birth plans have needed to change for clinical reasons. The start of any baby joining a family should be a wonderful, unique time in someones life and memorable for all the right reasons.

Nyree founded Sage Femme in 2006 following 11 years in the NHS. Nyree trained as a Hypnobirthing Instructor and teaches antenatal classes in North London. She has also completed the ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) and NLS (Newborn Life Support) courses.

Odette Abououf

Odette is an independent midwife with over 17 years’ experience. She began her midwife training in 2002 at a major Central London Hospital where she was instrumental in establishing a one to one team of midwives in the community. This led to women and their families getting to know their own midwife who was on call for them 24 hours a day for labour. NHS cost restraints unfortunately meant that this service was only available to a limited number of wormen and was ultimately terminated as health and safety regulations stopped midwives being on call for that length of time. This led to Odette’s decision to set up in independent practice and she has not looked back. Since 2004 she has looked after clients and their families, ensuring a relaxed, nurturing and unrushed maternity service. Independent practice gives us the amazing opportunity to devote our time to truly individualised client-centred care.

As a mother of four herself and a grandmother of one Odette is passionate about providing the care that she would want for her own family members. She knows first-hand the value of feeling safe, secure and nurtured during pregnancy and birth. Her aim is not only to provide high standard of midwifery care but to also help you feel more in control of a part of your life that may be very new, making you feel safe and nurtured.

Why Sage Femme

Continuity of care and carer:

Research highlights the importance of knowing and trusting your midwives, allowing you to be free to birth your baby in a calm and relaxed frame of mind.

24/7 contact with your midwives:

The reassurance of having access to your midwife 24/7 will help to relieve any stress and tension you may have and will make the arrival of your baby an exciting and positive experience that you will look back on and cherish.

Tailored, convenient, family-centred care:

Unhurried appointments in your own home or workplace, at a time convenient to you will ensure that you get all of the support you need.

Experienced, research-based care:

Whilst following local and national guidelines  our midwives deliver safe, holistic  care to you and your baby, striving for optimal outcomes and happy and  healthy families.

Our Services

Antenatal Care

One-off appointments or part of a care package. Visits to your home or workplace

Physical checks to ensure safe monitoring of your pregnancy and the growth and wellbeing of your baby

Antenatal education covering a range of topics to prepare you for birth and early parenthood

Getting to know your physical and emotional needs and understanding your birth preferences

Answering all of your questions and addressing any concerns you have

Labour Care

On call services around the clock for when labour starts

Early labour home assessments when clinically appropriate

Hospital birth care: support and advocacy throughout your labour and the immediate post birth period

Home birth care: two midwives will be present for the birth to help and support you, offering the option of waterbirth if appropriate

Postnatal Care

One off appointments or part of a care package. Visits at home as early as the day you are discharged from hospital

Full physical check of you and your baby - including weight checks and screening blood tests where necessary

Support and help with infant feeding

Advice on diet and rest to ensure optimum recovery

Emotional support to reduce chances of postnatal depression and ensure it ís early detection

Support in the care for your newborn baby with guidance on skincare, temperature regulation and general newborn development

Birth Stories

Birthing stories, written by our clients



We really appreciated having you to guide us through my pregnancy. Having our appointments at home and being able to contact you in-between if necessary allowed us to feel so much more relaxed and to enjoy the experience. We knew we could ask you anything and you would be there to help us...

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I chose to use an independent midwife because I wanted to have continuity of care which isn't possible with the NHS. I wanted to get to know and trust one midwife throughout my pregnancy, who would then be present during labour. It was important to me that I be advised about possible interventions during labour by someone I could trust, thereby avoiding unnecessary procedures...

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Having had two previous very long and hard labours in hospital, I wanted to hire a private midwife who would help me stay home as long as possible this time. I thought if I felt relaxed, the labour would potentially be shorter and happier. I had no intention of giving birth at home and wanted Nyree to accompany me to hospital for the birth itself. As I am profoundly deaf, it is extra important to have that trust and smooth communication...

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I employed Nyree Wright's midwifery services from October 2015 until April 2016. I was having my first baby and decided to invest in an independent midwife for the continuity of care and the ability to be able to talk to someone anytime with questions or about problems. Nyree exceeded my expectations. She was very professional, kind and knowledgeable throughout. She always responded to my messages quickly...

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Having had a deep aversion to topics around birth and pregnancy since a young age (due to an upsetting experience as a child), working with Nyree enabled me to have an enjoyable pregnancy...

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