Important Information regarding COVID-19

Sage Femme have the safety of our clients as a top priority. Unfortunately, that means that we have had to make changes to the way we give care. This is under constant review.  Currently hospitals are saying that women can have one non-interchangeable birth partner and therefore we are not able to accompany you into hospital unless we are in place of another birth partner. We can however do early labour home assessments and provide you with telephone support once you are in hospital.
To minimise risk of infection to all of our clients we are limiting face to face contact. That means that we will do physical checks at 28 weeks and from 36 weeks but otherwise will do routine checks by video providing there are no concerns. Postnatal visits will be in person, keeping physical contact to a minimum. We would request that you let us know if you or anyone in your household has symptoms so that we can avoid visiting at this time.

Appointments in your home will be as short as possible and we will be wearing full protective equipment. These visits in your home will be followed by a video or telephone call when we can answer your questions and ensure that you and your baby are doing well. Clients will be provided with blood pressure machines and urinalysis testing if needed. In the event that further assistance is necessary, we will liaise with your booked hospital to ensure that you get the required follow up. We will help you to make the right decisions regarding attendance at the hospital. The NHS is understandably under exceptional strain and we would like to reduce further stress on their systems and risk to you from this contagious virus by reducing unnecessary hospital attendance.

We recognise that this is far from ideal but hope that we are getting the balance right between your physical and emotional health.

If you wish to have the reassurance of video appointments with known, experienced midwives and access to our support at all other times, please contact us to discuss.


Full package: £6,900

  • Free initial consultation
  • Booking
  • Antenatal appointments
    - every 4 weeks until 28 weeks
    - every 2 weeks until 36 weeks
    - then weekly until birth
  • Routine screening tests
  • Midwife on call 24hrs a day for labour with back up midwife on standby
  • Birth ball
  • TENS machine
  • Care provided in your own home from the next day after birth.
  • Breastfeeding support
  • 8 Postnatal visits over 4 weeks
  • Plus telephone support for six weeks after birth

Twelve Visit Package: £5,700

  • As above but with six antenatal and six postnatal appointments

Eight Visit Package: £4,900

  • As above but with four antenatal visits and four postnatal appointments
    (only available to clients having a hospital birth without home labour assessments)

Postnatal Package: £1,800

  • Eight postnatal visits over a four week period

One off Antenatal Appointment £180

  • Lasting one hour

One off Postnatal Appointment £220

  • Lasting one to two hours

Antenatal Package

  • Includes on call services between visits
  • 6 visits £1200
  • 12 visits £2400

Additional Services

Harmony (Downs Syndrome Screening): £550

All packages can be paid in instalments over a year, otherwise a discount of £175 is given for payment in full at the booking appointment.