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Sage Femme are based in London and offer Private Midwifery services throughout the city.

By practising outside of the NHS we can guarantee one-to-one care which will ensure that you feel nurtured and special during your pregnancy and never just part of a large machine.

A Unique Journey

All the research shows that one-to-one care will increase your chance of a normal birth,that your birth may be shorter and you will need less pain relief, you will have reduced chances of postnatal depression and are more likely to successfully breast-feed.

Your unique journey with Sage Femme includes Antenatal, Labour and Postnatal care that can be tailored for your individual needs during a free consultation.

We will listen to your hopes and expectations for your pregnancy and address any particular concerns you may have.

Our clinical practice is governed by the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council).


Our Antenatal appointments with you at home include our physical checks to ensure that your pregnancy is progressing without complications.

We also allow plenty of time to answer your questions and cover topics that will allow you to have all the information to make informed choices about the various aspects of your care.

During these visits we are getting to know you and understand your unique concerns and preferences for your labour and postnatal care. Our advice on diet and the physical activity and rest balance ensures that your pregnancy is as enjoyable as possible.

The antenatal visits can be in place of routine NHS hospital midwife visits, but if there is a need for you to access the expertise or hospital facilities we will help you liaise with them to arrange these appointments.


Your Midwife will be on-call for your labour twenty-four hours a day. If she is busy with another client, you will be attended by your Secondary Midwife. Wherever you have chosen to have your baby, you can be assessed at home when you feel you are going into labour if it is clinically appropriate for us to do so.

When your baby is born you will receive assistance and support with breastfeeding and your Midwife will stay with you until you feel settled.

All the research shows that one-to-one care will increase your chance of a normal birth, that your birth may be shorter and you will need less pain relief, you will have reduced chances of postnatal depression and are more likely to successfully breast-feed.

Home Birth

Research shows that planned homebirth is a safe choice and is less likely to result in unnecessary medical intervention.

If you have chosen to have your baby at home your Midwife will stay with you during labour, helping and advising on ways to assist its progress and to cope with contractions.

Some women like to use a birthing pool or TENs machine for pain relief, we will provide these at no extra cost. Our Midwives are experienced in water birth so you can remain in the water if clinically appropriate. You can feel assured that you are in safe hands. Our equipment is waterproof so we will be able to monitor your baby without causing you unnecessary disruption.

Hospital Birth

There may be clinical reasons for having your baby in hospital, or it may make you feel more comfortable. Either way we are happy to support you with your hospital birth.

We will care for you at home until you are ready to transfer. We will advise on positions and therapies to help and progress your labour and accompany you into hospital when it feels appropriate.

Once you are in hospital we will provide you with non-clinical care as well as acting as your advocate so that your birth choices are adhered to as far as possible by the hospital. The continuity and reinforcement of information will ensure that you feel positive in even the most clinical of settings


It is only the beginning.

Understandably most women are very concerned with the actual birth of their baby and postnatal care is often overlooked, however the first few weeks after delivery can be quite a shock for most couples. Sage Femme will be there to help you through this often challenging time, ensuring that you have the best possible start for your new family.

After the birth you will be visited daily for the first few days, then receive further visits over the next three weeks. You will continue to receive telephone support until your baby is six weeks old. During these appointments your midwife will be doing the following:

Ensure that you feel confident in recognising your baby's health and well-being.

Recognise and advise on conditions such as jaundice.

Give information about routine screening tests which can be offered to your baby.

Advise on sleeping positions to keep your baby safe.

Help you gain confidence in caring for and soothing your baby.

Give assistance and support with breast or formula feeding.

Check your health to ensure your optimum recovery, and ensure that you know where to go for on going support.


Sage Femme can provide antenatal screening services in the comfort of your own home and at a time of your choosing. Our screening services can be provided with or without an antenatal check-up.

Antenatal screening

We can offer the full range of antenatal blood tests, including tests that are not routinely provided within the NHS.

We can also arrange referrals for private ultrasound scans for dating, anomalies, growth and positioning.


The Harmony test is more accurate than traditional Down syndrome screening and much less likely to give an incorrect result. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in the need for follow up invasive diagnostic tests which are associated with a risk of miscarriage.

Harmony also tests for two other genetic conditions, Edward and Patau syndrome.

In addition, with Harmony you have the option to evaluate X and Y sex chromosomes and determine the gender of your baby, this is helpful for those who have had a previous sex chromosome abnormality such as Turners syndrome.

Antenatal Classes

We offer classes for up to ten couples at a time over a five week period. Classes are for two hours on the same evening each week at the Red Hedgehog which is five minutes walk from Highgate tube. 

Classes will suit you if you live in Highgate, Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Hampstead, Archway, Tufnell Park or Camden. They are an excellent way to learn more about your journey to parenthood and make firm friendships with couples who live close to you and will be sharing your experience.  The first three classes cover aspects of childbirth, while the fourth concentrates on infant feeding and the fifth class on first aid. We discuss the importance of quality postnatal care after your baby is born and offer a discount on this private service when booking our antenatal classes.