Postnatal Care

Sage Femme offer postnatal care with flexible options of:

One off visits

Antenatal & Postnatal Package

The time after your baby’s birth is often not considered much because of natural concerns about keeping your baby safe during pregnancy and getting it out. It is such an important element of your care though. At its worst, labour lasts two or three days but looking after your baby is for life!

Not only is there your physical recovery to consider but you also have to quickly become skilled at a brand-new job. Some of you may have had babies already or may have been in regular contact with them but for many of you it may be your first proper contact with a newborn human being.

NHS postnatal care has been heavily reduced over the years and many new parents feel helpless and abandoned. This can have such a detrimental impact on the start of your time as a family.

Babies are not all the same but with the right guidance and support you will quickly learn what your baby likes and doesn’t. If we can help you be calm and relaxed your baby will too. They are very intuitive and often become stressed if they pick up anxiety and tension.

In London, many people live far from the support of family and friends and it can feel very isolating particularly when sleep deprived and sore. We come to see you at home from the first day at home and make sure that you have all the information needed about feeding and keeping your baby safe. We also make sure that you are recovering and healing well and will advise about diet, supplements and pain relief.

As the days and weeks go by you will have many questions. We are there to answer those and put you at your ease. We can ensure that you are feeling emotionally supported and we can help detect early signs of postnatal depression ensuring that you get the right help quickly.

We will be monitoring your baby’s feeding and weight gain as well as assessing any jaundice and advising you about what tests your baby may need moving forward and about the role of the Health Visitor once our visits have finished.

Our aim is to see you enjoying this time with your little one, it should be a time of joy and excitement and we will do what we can to make it more than just an exercise in survival. You will be able to contact us day and night with any concerns between appointments.

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