How much does it cost to hire an independent midwife in London?

Many people have absolutely no idea of the costs involved in hiring independent midwives and it is a question we are asked frequently. All independent midwives in London charge approximately the same, somewhere in the region of £5,000 – £6,500. At Sage Femme we have different prices for the different care packages we offer. The price is worked out according to how many appointments you have with us in addition to our care during your labour and birth. We also provide cheaper, postnatal only care which is becoming more and more sought after as the NHS postnatal services are being reduced.

You will also be paying for our on-call services. We are available to answer your worries and concerns between your appointments with us for the duration of time from your booking appointment until your baby is six weeks old.

We offer different payment options to suit individual circumstances. Many clients will pay in instalments over a year and others will take advantage of the option to pay in full at the booking appointment for a discount. We often have clients with health insurance which cover some of the costs of private maternity care. If so, you would pay us initially and we would supply the invoices so that you can be reimbursed by your insurance providers.

Private maternity care is not cheap and this is largely due to the insurance we purchase in order to satisfy the requirements of the Nursing Midwifery Council. This covers our visits before and after the birth in your home, and also us accompanying you to a hospital if you choose or need to have a hospital birth. Our insurance also covers the option of two midwives being present to look after you for a home birth. At home, you also have the option of a water birth.

You will have two midwives on call for your labour twenty-four hours a day. You will meet both of your midwives regularly and if your labour is long you will have continuous support from us. Having a private midwife is a discretionary spend when the NHS provide maternity care for free but in times of very stretched resources many women are wanting a more personal service, to feel in safe hands and have the reassurance that a midwife they know will be with them at this very important time in life.

Most of us spend larger sums on holidays, large items of furniture or home improvements. Spending money on good maternity care is arguably more important than all of those!

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