Nyree features on To Become a Mother podcast

To Become A Mother Podcast

I have been honoured to be a regular part of Caroline Johansen’s wonderful podcast. Every week she releases an inspirational birth story which I join to add a midwifery perspective and to answer questions. All the births are so different and they definitely don’t all go to plan. The many different stories remind us of the multitude of ways childbirth can play out. All these incredible stories highlight the strength of women even when they are exhausted and in pain.

It is so important to understand your birth if it didn’t go as you expected it to, not only if you are planning another pregnancy but also for your mental health. Understanding will help with your recovery and help with avoiding birth trauma and postnatal depression.

The stories will help you if you have yet to give birth or if you have had a baby but still have unanswered questions.

On the To Become A Mother website you will also find discussion panels on breastfeeding and lots of discussion on the early days with a new baby.

You can find links to the podcast series on the website : https://www.tobecomeamother.com The podcast is available on Apple, Spotify and Audible.

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